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If you haven’t already heard about it yet, you probably will soon but there’s a new kid on the block (you like what I did there lol). A new invitation only audio app “Clubhouse” is taking over the game and putting some of your favs to shame. In it’s s pre-launch the audio only exclusive app has reignited the flare for content centered conversations.

The brilliance of Clubhouse lies in the apps marketing of exclusivity. The only way you can get on (at the time i’m writing) is by getting an invite from a current user or getting on the…

The Michigan Theatre in the College Town everyone loves to hate.

It’s no secret that diversity (or lack thereof) at University of Michigan has always been taboo. While the University boosters its inclusivity with statements like “Michigan Students come from all 50 states and 122 countries. Our students are a mosaic of races, cultures, languages, religions, and points of view. The result is a setting where students can continually learn and grow through interactions with each other, and prepare for a future in the global economy.” the data supporting such claims can beg to differ.

After a brief but informative trip to the University’s “Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion” page the reality…

Will the real Rachel Dolezal, please stand up?

Look, I know it’s Black History Month and while ironically Omarosa will not make this post I think an important conversation about an even more infamous Woman needs to be had. That being the peculiar case of Rachel Dolezal.

Religion being the most divisive element in our society is only rivaled by that of race. With nothing more than minute, racially motivated, scientific fallacies strung together, race has been proven to undoubtedly be socially constructed. The foundations behind the concept of race become extremely shaking when viewed through its own lens of physical characteristics. In short the notion of race…

Witty banter, an attractive cast and a dialogue-heavy script fail to hit the mark.

From the producers of HBO drama Euphoria comes Malcolm and Marie. One of several Movies filmed during the dog day’s of quarantine. Poised to be Netflix’s next breakout film “Malcolm & Marie’’ tells a unique story, what exactly that is, happens to be open to interpretation.

Filmed in seclusion at California’s iconic “Caterpillar House’’ Malcolm & Marie” embraces the imposed isolation we’re all experiencing and opts for an intimate setting over grandeur. The film constantly flickers back and forth between socially conscious narratives we’ve grown accustomed…

Tone Smith Album Cover — Devotion

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and Rona in the air I thought I’d bless my Brothers looking for a new anthem to serve as the testament to you and your bae’s love. If you’re looking for songs that epitomize love look no further than Tone Stith.

In his more recent releases, “FWM and Devotion”, the singer songwriter Tone Stith copes with tantalizing attraction and a love that consumes you. Formerly a well kept secret from RCA’s collection of top notch writers, Stith has in recent years stepped out of the writer’s room and into the studio.

The New Jersey…

Victoria Monét celebrates new single and final days of pregnancy with instagram photo dump. Photo By- @victoriamonet, Wednesday, February, 4th 2021

Smooth, sexy, and sultry are but a few words I’d use to describe the R&B singers new single F.U.C.K. Over the course of 3 minutes and 25 seconds Monét explores intimacy with no strings attached.

Victoria Monét McCants or Victoria Monét has been on fire with recent releases. With monochromatic hues, lyrics smooth like honey and a velvety voice, Monét stands to become one of our generations’ next great entertainers. This single comes off the heels of the singer songwriter’s recently released EP Jaguar. In an era dominated with authenticity Monét treats sound as a canvas and paints a vivid…

If you haven’t heard yet, Colleges and University’s across the Nation are eliminating SAT and ACT tests as a means of admissibility to universities across the nation.

With academia in its entirety facing records low in enrollment (Clearing House 2020) Universities across the nation are opting to waive ACT, and SAT requirements for the incoming undergraduates. This move comes as an attempt to level the playing field in the race to university during a time where traditional avenues of test prep are far and few. Which begs the question why didn’t this happen a long time ago? …

Emmanuel B. Pickens

Student Journalist

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